Are you looking for a used car, truck, SUV, or van in NJ? If so, you'll not only want to shop in our Paul Miller used inventory, but you'll also want to follow these five used car buying tips.

Tip 1: Find A Trustworthy Dealer

When you're buying used, you'll want to make sure that the dealer selling you the vehicle is reputable, reliable, and trustworthy. A private seller is not the best option, as they may not provide you with honest information. A dealer will have to have the vehicle's history readily available. Look at the reviews of each dealership to see which one you should trust.

Tip 2: Research Online

Before you even step foot onto a dealership's showroom floor, first take a look at what type of used vehicles are available. Do they have the type of car you're looking for? Are there multiple used trucks that fit your preferences? See which vehicles you'd like to explore further. Also, look online for an estimate of what price that car should be. Is it similar to the dealership's price?

Tip 3: Use The New Jersey DMV Site

New Jersey drivers are lucky enough to have a DMV that offers a comprehensive guide on what the used car buying process should look like, from the beginning paperwork to the final taxes. Use this to your advantage and be prepared before visiting the dealership.

Tip 4: Get Your Financial Information Ready

Take advantage of the many car financing tools available. Input your financial information to get pre-approved, calculate what your payment plan should look like, and see how much you could receive for a vehicle trade-in.

Tip 5: Schedule A Test Drive

Once everything is in order, contact the dealership and set up a test drive. See if it has everything you need, make sure it's running properly, and give it a thorough inspection.

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If you have questions about our used car buying process, don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to help our Wayne NJ, West Caldwell, Bernardsville, and Parsippany area drivers however we can.